LiveWhale Calendar is a full-featured web calendaring solution used by colleges and universities around the world.

It's designed to meet all the calendaring needs of educational institutions like yours, right out of the box.

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include these great schools and many others.

University of Akron santa-clara Carthage College College of the Atlantic Lewis and Clark College University of Oklahoma Texas A&M University University of Chicago Simon Fraser University Trinity College Penn Law Rice University NYU Grinnell College Barcelona School of Economics UC Berkeley

Why LiveWhale Calendar?

Because your campus is beautiful, and your calendar should be too.

People have a built-in incentive to use calendars, because they have events they want to promote. Take a look at your own calendar. Does it look like an effective tool for event promotion? The fact is, people who are promoting events want them to look great. They post events to Facebook because that may be the easiest way to reach a community, but also because they can add images, descriptions, and videos.

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Because your calendar can tell a real story of what life is like at your school.

So much great stuff happens on your campus every day: performances, lectures, demonstrations, sporting events, pie-eating contests. You know that when prospective students visit campus, they’re twice as likely to apply. So why not use your campus calendar to project a real sense of how amazing it is to be at your school?

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Because you need a calendar that integrates with the products and services you already use.

We offer easy, seamless integrations with products like EMS, 25Live, OrgSync, Google Calendar, and RSS/ICAL/JSON feeds, so your users never have to enter their events more than once.

When you link other calendars to LiveWhale Calendar, the dates and times stay in sync— but you can edit anything else you like. Sometimes awesome events have boring metadata; LiveWhale Calendar lets you take care of that.

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LiveWhale Calendar is a full-featured web calendaring solution used by colleges and universities around the world.

It’s easy to use, it brings all your calendars together in one place, and it makes your events look great.

Hundreds of staff, faculty, and students at colleges and universities around the US use LiveWhale Calendar every day to find out what’s happening, promote their events, and connect with everything that’s happening inside and outside the classroom.

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Top features:

It integrates all the calendars you’re already using into a great-looking, responsive campus calendar, and it’s compatible with any CMS.

It helps your school promote events and attract prospects by incorporating image galleries, maps, social media, and storytelling.

It has all the stuff that modern technology is supposed to have, including a robust API that’s easy to work with.

It is incredibly simple to use and requires very little training.

Pricing is very straightforward. Managed cloud hosting and product support are included.