Features & FAQ

If there’s a feature you wish your calendar had, we’ve probably already got it. If not, it’s probably on our roadmap.

We work to avoid feature bloat; we only want to support features that our customers actually need. But over the course of several years working directly with higher ed web teams, we’ve made a lot of dreams (and/or feature requests) come true.

Publish events to any website hosted on any platform

Native support for online and hybrid events

Integrates with the tools you’re already using: EMS, R25, Google Calendar, etc.

Works great right out of the box, or customize to your heart’s content (with or without our team’s help)

Unlimited event submissions via online form

Unlimited users, groups, and calendars

Built-in geolocation lets your users put their events on the map

Share calendar events to other groups around campus, promote them on your homepage, and push them to the social networks of your choice

Full time zone support, with settings for both event publishers and front end calendar users

Add images, video, downloadable files, and other related content to your events (even if they come from external feeds)

Support for RSS and ICAL importing and exporting, and JSON data via read API

A highly customizable front end to match your current site perfectly

Dedicated technical support team

Responsive design out of the box

Beautiful front end user experience makes browsing your events a joy

Free, managed software upgrades

Here are some common questions people ask about LiveWhale Calendar:

  • Who makes LiveWhale Calendar?

    Hi, we’re White Whale Web Services. We’re a web design and development company that works exclusively with colleges, universities, and independent schools around the world. We create beautiful, useful, and truthful work that reflects the authentic spirit of the communities it represents. 

    We developed and released LiveWhale CMS, a full featured enterprise web content management platform, in 2007-08. We released LiveWhale Calendar, an independent product based on the same platform (and included with the CMS), in 2012.

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